The Review Of Panasonic NEW Home bakery SD-BMS105-SW Bread Maker

The Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW bread maker is an all-in one home bakery! It is manufactured and imported from Japan, with functions and quality that are decades ahead of other products on the market. It is a multi-function appliance that can make anything from pasta to jam, while also taking up less counter space than a microwave. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh-baked goods when entering a warm bakery. With the Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW bread maker, you can have this and more anytime, at your convenience. With minimal effort required and just a few hours, the maker produces perfect bread every time—the inside is blissfully soft, the crust is perfectly browned and textured, and the smell is incredibly warm and fresh.

Panasonic: NEW Home Bakery Bread Maker Review

Advantages and Costs

This bread maker allows anyone from beginners to experts become home bakers. It’s a great way to feed your family and friends high quality, delicious, nutritious, and healthy food at a fraction of the cost, but all the convenience of buying store-bought or takeout breads, jams, pastas, and more. The Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW is easy to use, with a large LCD display and entirely autonomous recipe programs. Additionally, the maker is not only easy to use but also easy to clean, with a removable non-stick baking compartment and non-stick paddle. Owners can take five minutes before bed any night to add ingredients to the maker, and wake up the next morning with fresh bread. The maker has a delay timer of up to 13 hours, so users can add ingredients at a convenient time for themselves, and set any time that they want their bread to be done so that it is warm and fresh when they are ready to eat and enjoy. With minimal effort and in no time at all, users can make fresh and delicious baked goods that exceed options available at the store or bakery in quality and taste.

The Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW can be used for so much more than just baking ordinary bread. Using the “dough” function, the user only needs to add all the ingredients in a dough recipe in one step, then push a button and wait for a couple hours. The bread maker expertly kneads the dough, then incorporates heat and rest time to allow the bread to rise perfectly. With the “dough” function, users are not limited to baking recipes programmed into the maker; we can make anything from pizza to cinnamon rolls to Stromboli, with the ease of purchasing takeout. You can customize your pizza with all the toppings but without the cost or fattening extras and processed additives that accompany purchasing takeout. The Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW also comes equipped with a jam and compote function, a pasta-making function, and a cake-baking function, to name a few. Unlike most U.S.-sold models, this maker contains both a yeast dispenser and a fruit and nut dispenser! This means that users don’t have to worry about watching or timing their bread-maker to determine when to add yeast or flavorings; the process is fully autonomous, and the bread maker does the work perfectly every time.

Unfortunately, because this maker is manufactured and imported from Japan only, the manual and interfaces are all in Japanese (although a Chinese manual can be found online too). However, the interface is user-friendly and eventually pretty easy to navigate. The features and convenience of the product make it worthwhile to learn. The bread maker also requires a voltage transformer if you’re using it in a country with 220-volt outlets. The machine takes a voltage of 110, so users using it US. will not need a transformer. Users will need a transform if they plan on using it in China or some European countries. This transformer can be purchased for as little as $10-$15 online, or at any local electronics store.

Bottom Line

For anyone looking to save money, to improve the taste and nutrition quality of his or her food, and to increase convenience, the Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW bread maker is a great option. While it may be a bit pricey compared to other options on the market, the bottom line is that it is also completely worth it, because it is packed with so many features and offers so many functions and benefits. Don’t ever eat stale, processed bread from the grocery store again—make your own with the Panasonic SD-BMSI 05-SW!