Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker Review

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker bread maker

Since the early 1900s, Hamilton Beach has been a household name in small appliances. From mixers to slow cookers to coffee makers, they’ve proven to be consistently and continually innovative. However, like with most products we purchase for our homes, there are always both advantages and disadvantages. This review will address the pros and cons of the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker.

The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker comes equipped with a myriad of helpful features. The customer is given these options:

  • Choose a specific crust – light, medium or dark
  • Create breads that meet all tastes and dietary needs – country, sweet, French, whole wheat or gluten-free.  
  • All recipes can be made without preservatives and trans fats
  • A delay timer provided for convenience:  add ingredients and then set the timer to continue baking when your schedule permits
  • 12 functions for bread making, pizza and roll dough prep, quick breads which do not require yeast as an ingredient, 1.5-lb. and 2-lb. express breads as well as specialty items such as jams and cakes
  • An alarm feature to remind you to add fruits, nuts and other add-in ingredients when needed
  • A non-stick pan that makes clean-up a breeze
  • Safety features such as non-slip feet and a cool to touch body
  • An additional knead paddle – in case one is dirty, there is a back-up
  • A control panel for buttons and display
  • A lid with a viewing window
  • Free recipes for gluten-free and whole wheat breads provided by Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

What you can benifit from Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker

The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker allows you to make bread with an easy 1-2-3 step process: add ingredients, choose the style you desire and press start. It really is that simple. The machine also comes at an affordable price making this a great value for families or even to purchase as a gift. It is one of the most inexpensive, quality brands on the market. Most notably about this machine is its versatility. With the many options provided, one is only limited by their imagination.

With its easily read display, it’s possible to make the bread without having to read the instructions – it is that intuitive! As far as ingredients are concerned, don’t fret if you make a mistake. The machine is quite forgiving and some users have stated the machine will still make a good loaf of bread even with incorrect ingredients. Given the health concerns of the modern age, the gluten-free feature has become one of the most popular. Who wouldn’t want the ability to make healthy bread for their family and no longer need to waste money on a store bought bread that isn’t as healthy?

You made the bread. You know exactly what ingredients were used. This means you can rest assured the bread you make at home is exactly what you desire for you and your family. The express feature is exceptionally helpful if you need to make bread for a family gathering or party in a hurry. Upon purchasing the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker you are also given a one-year warranty so you’re protected in the rare event the model you receive has defects.

As mentioned earlier, all products also come with disadvantages. While the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker is considered a high quality machine with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com, there are still features that are not ideal:

  • The machine was rather large taking up more space than desired
  • There is concern about the construction:  some components felt loose and became looser with further use of the machine; an affordable price does not always mean the most solid construction
  • The machine produces a vertical shaped loaf instead of a more preferred horizontal loaf
  • There is a problem with the viewing window – it tends to mist during the baking process making it difficult to see inside
  • It would be helpful if the machine came equipped with an alarm of some kind to remind the user to remove the knead paddle before baking

These are all legitimate concerns for any bread making machine but overall, the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker is still considered a good value for the price.

It should be noted that when purchasing a home appliance, small or large, customer service should be considered before making the purchase.  Topics such as the ability to easily contact customer service, disputes or problems being handled in a timely manner and warranty options should be addressed before purchasing any home appliance.  

Hamilton Beach has long prided themselves on superior customer service.  They have multiple options for their customers to reach them:  website, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter in addition to a call-center.  Their main website also features up-to-date blog posts, a FAQS page and the option to register your product online.  While it appears Hamilton Beach has covered all the options, some consumers have complained on various review sites about poor customer service (emails and phone calls not being returned quickly or at all), their disputes not being resolved in an acceptable way and being told a part that should have been covered under warranty would need to be purchased by the consumer; however, the exceptional quality of customer service Hamilton Beach provides far outweighs the complaints.


If you are a consumer looking for a versatile, intuitive and easy-to-use bread maker then give the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker a try.  It could be just the right machine for you and your family and few things say “family” like the smell of home-baked bread in your home.

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